“Give Till It Hurts and Give Some More”

When you start to craft your offer for
your products or services – you must look
at giving whatever you can and then give
till it hurts by adding even more value
to it so that it’s simply irresistible.

I will go into this in more detail soon.

AS I started this email, I was writing about
making an offer too good to refuse, one that
only a fool would ignore.

NO, I am not talking about offering a whole
pile of crap bonuses that are as useless as
tits on a bull.

I am talking about giving so much value that
people just can’t whip out their credit card
quick enough.

Time and time again when I critique copy all
I see is a laundry list of B.S. bonuses to
simply fluff up the total value and most times
they are not worth a squirt of bees pee.

What you should be doing is crafting your offer
and making sure everything that’s part of your
package can be sold as a seperate item and that
your buyer actually get loads of value out of
each one – not feel like they have been shafted.


Reward yourself with Toe Crackers Childrens
Christmas Pack.

Part of it includes my Magic Words Sell (MWS) and
even if you have this, the bonuses are worth
grabbing it again as you will find out.

When you grab a copy of MWS total value $1517 for
$197 I will also give you:

1. 2 hours of one on one mentoring with me
- value $2,000

2. 2 copy critiques value – $2,000

3. My personal swipe file of proven sales letters and
adverts containing the best examples of my work. Many
of these I have NEVER revealed before because they have
been so successful, I do not want just any Tom, Dick,
Harry or Harriet to get their hands on them.

4. Online videos to my one day seminar on copywriting
and direct response marketing filmed only 2 weeks ago
in Scotland. The value of this is $497. There will be
about 5 hours, broken down into TV type segments.

This bonus will not be available though until middle
of January as it’s being edited.

There you have it, for just $197 you will get a
genuine $6,014 worth of business tools plus my
priceless swipe file.

Oops – nearly forgot.

The first 14 people who grab my Christmas special
can gift my normal magid words sell package to 10
people of their choice. If you have previously
purchased MWS, you can gift this to 20 people.

Simply email me once you have your receipt of
purchase, the names and email addresses of the
10 chosen ones and I will send them the gift
on your behalf.

Go on over to:



I am making available to 4 people only, lifetime
copywriting critiques – value at least $10,000.

What this means is for any/every sales letter, advert
or marketing piece, you can email it to me to critique
where I will pull it apart and tell you how to put
it back together so that you copy pulls like crazy.

This is copy for your own products/services, not
for copy you write for someone esle.

Even in 10 years time, I will still critique your copy.

At $750 I know I am nuts for even offering this. If you
grab one of these, I will also throw in Toe Cracker’s
Childrens Christmas pack for fr.ee.

If you want one of these, simply paypal USD$750 to:

trevor@MagicWordsSell.com and put in the comments -

“Life time Copy Critique Offer – valued at $10,000″

Well, hopefully you will grab a bargain and help
me at the same time.

Create sizzling copy with Magic Words Sell.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. These bonuses are not on the website and will
be emailed to you within 24 hours after I receive
your payment. Go to:

OR . . . for the lifetime deal paypal your order to:


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