“Walk The Line To Business Success”

Last week I jumped on a plane, bound for London - which from Australia, is a mongrel of a flight. As soon as the inflight entertainment came on, I moved my seat into the bed position, grabbed another chardonnay and started the movie based on Johnny Cash . . . “Walk The Line”.

Not too long into the movie, the strugging Johnny Cash got a chance to get a record contract. The producer, sitting in his seat looked more stiff than a corpse in the morgue. He wasn’t impressed one bit, even though Cash thought his song was a winner. After all, he was singing a gospel song. The producer cut Johhny Cash short and told him he didn’t like the song.

Cash wasn’t too happy and asked him why. The reply was simple. Cash was told that song was the same as everyone other song on the radio at that time. The record producer, mimmicking Cash, basically said the song was boring, it would not sell ANY records and as he was in the business of selling records, the recording session was over, telling Cash, he didn’t believe him either – when he sang. Johhny Cash felt he was being told he didn’t believe in god and he pushed for an explanation.

He was challenged by the producer, that if he (Cash) was to be hit by a truck that afternoon and die, what song would he like to be remembered for, as his loved ones poured dirt onto his coffin? He was then asked – “Would he sing that same gospel song or would he sing something else?” 

Johnny Cash said that he had written a couple of songs when he was in the airforce. His band didn’t know the song that cash began to sing. It didn’t matter.

As soon as Johnny Cash started to sing . . . he changed. The passion came out in his voice, it had soul, belief and it was compelling. As he and the band got into it, the record producer began to smile.


Because, he knew he had a song that would sell a stadium full of records. That my entreprenuerial friend, was the start of Cash and his amazing music career. The song -  ‘Folson Prison’.

If you are sitting there, scratching your head or any other part of your anatomy, as you read this – wondering what this story has to do with advertising, copywriting and marketing of your business . . . it’s very simple.

99.2% of the advertising and marketing I read or hear . . . is about as stimulating as that gospel song cash was singing. NO . . . I have nothing against gospel, far from it. The point is this – that song, at that time, was the same type of song that eveyone else was singing which means Cash’s song would have fallen on deaf ears and NO ONE would have heard it, let alone Johhny Cash make any money from record sales.

Those 99.2% of business people, if they were to be hit by a truck today, would not be remembered for anything exceptional when it comes to marketing of their business. Far from it. What about You?

Ask yourself this harsh question.

“If your life was 100% dependant on the success of your next marketing campaign and if YOU failed, your life would be terminated immediately . . . without you even having time to say goodbye to your friends and loved ones . . . would you still send out that same piece of useless, boring, non-compelling marketing crap? 

I know my answer. What’s yours?

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Kick butt – create your own sizzling sales copy.

Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook 
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