“Ask A Stupid Question – Get A Stupid Answer”

A few weeks ago, one of my mates, Dave was pulled
over by the police for a random breath test.

The copper asked Dave – “Have you been drinking
tonight sir” to which he replied, “Yep – plenty.”

The copper then proceeded to ask how many. My mate
replied – “8 officer”. The copper thinking he had
caught Dave drinking 8 beers, started to flex his
authority and asked him to blow into the bag.

Dave did this and to the coppers amazement – he
registered a zero alcohol reading.

The copper, scratching his head, then repeated
his question about how much Dave had drunk that

Dave said 8 . . . . . paused a while and said ’cokes’.

Fair dinkum, the copper was more pissed off
with that answer than a bikie gang who just watched
their entire stash go up in smoke.

With steam pouring out of his ears, he said to
Dave – “are you being a smart ass.”

Dave replied – ‘No – you asked me a question and
I gave you an answer, which is the truth.
If you had asked me if I had been drinking alcohol
my answer would have been NO”.

Having no comback to that, the copper then asked
for Daves drivers licence. Just to throw salt into
an already opened wound, Dave had forgotten it, so
he rattles off the number – 24798FU.

The copper, thinking Dave was telling him ‘where to
go’, told him in not uncertain terms, that he would
get arrested if he kept it up. Dave told him that
his licence did end in ‘FU’. After checking, the
copper let Dave go.

When Dave told me, I cracked up with laughter and
I also saw a copywriting angle – a bad one to be
exact. An angle I see daily and one that I want
you to avoid like the plague.

Where the copper stuffed up was simple. He didn’t
use specifics. He asked a stupid question and got
the answer he deserved.

This type of questioning is how most business owners
and entrepreneurs create their own sales copy.

They choose to ignore the golden rule and answer
their prospects most compelling question – W.I.I.F.M.
(What’s In it For Me). If you don’t tune into your
prospects favorite radio station, you will end up with
lame, whimpy copy that sucks harder than a leech on
your leg.

Your sales message must solve their number one problem
which means you have to get inside their head and
discover what it is they actually want from you – then
create sizzling sale copy which gets you the sale.

No exceptions. No limp wristed excuses.

This morning, I held the first of my 10 x 1 hour
copywriting blueprint teleseminars and that first session
was dedicated to crafting the offer which is critical
to getting leads and sales.

It wasn’t just telling. They were given real examples
as well as the thinking process behind them.

The smart people who invested $97 for 10 hours are
laughing all the way to their bank. They’ll be even
more excited when they open their mail and receive the
entire recording on CD.

If you are kicking your own butt so hard that you need
a ring cushion to sit down due to procrastination
- relax. YOU can still join them.


There’s 9 sessions to go and the next one will cover
creating sizzling headlines. I have more tricks up my
sleeve than a magician’s convention when it comes to
headlines – so ignore my offer at your own risk.

To be brutally honest. If any person is in business
and won’t ‘risk’ $97 on such a crucial area of their
online or offline busines – they may as well make a
career change and become a copper, retreat to their
safety zone, earn a regular salary and kiss their
entrepreneurial dreams goodbye.

As an added free gift, if you register in the next
24 hours, I will send you an invitation for you to
invite a guest to listen to the calls for fr.ee.

(No, they won’t get the CD’s unless they want to
pay for them.)

If you want to wake up the copywriting genius
inside you go on over to:


I will only allow 19 more people at $97. After that
the price goes back to $297 which is what the CDs
will sell for when I am finished.

Kick butt – create your own sizzling sales copy.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. I received an email while writing this from
a judgement day customer who said he had increased
sales $41,520 per week (that’s over $2.1 million
in the next year)
and that my testimonial was
coming. It’s taken him less than 30 days too.
Now, I have to take his word for it and so do you.
If you want to get serious results for peanuts,
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