“A Crook, A Tubby Nerd Visit London – Not to See The Queen”

Crikey it’s a long flight to London from down under.

In just over 2  weeks I am off to London – not to visit the Queen. Although if she wants to invite me over to Buckingham palace to have cucumber sangars with her and the corgis, I would make the time as she would be an interesting lady to listen too.

I am going to speak at a pure content seminar on info. products which blew me away when I read what the other speakers will speak about – then deliver on.

My pommy mate, Peter Woodhead and his American partner, Fred Gleeck are doing their annual event.

YOU won’t hear too much about it. YOU won’t hear the normal hype and garbage that goes on with the traditional snake-oil selling scumbags because there is no need.

What’s different here, is these 2 guys put on a fantastic few days at a price that is just too low and to be honest, it makes it affordable to go to, regardless of which country you live in.

I am not the only aussie going to London. My mate from down under – The tubby nerd – Ed Dale will be speaking too. Having shared the platform with Ed before and listened to him speak several times – this guy can wake up the dead when it comes to kick-butt passive income strategies that actually work.

Fancy that. A speaker giving you a complete system that does what it says it will. I know, you are thinking that doesn’t happen too often. Almost as rare as Bill Clinton being faithful I would say.

The point is, I will not speak at anyones event who doesn’t have the ethics to deliver some real chunks of meat in the sandwich and then throw in the pickles, side salad and a drink to boot.

PLUS – it’s a mongrel of a flight from Australia to London and I’ll be stuffed if I am going sit in a planefor 24 odd hours for the sake of it.

Sure I might make a few bucks along the way – that’s not why I am going. I am going because I like to help people which includes YOU.

If you are interested in knowing about one of the best kept secrets of 2006 – go on over to:


If you are not sure, take a look at what Peter Woodhead said about the seminar:

“I reckon 2006 promises to be the best year yet.  And there could be no better start than registering for the Info Products Seminar coming up in February. I know this is held in London but we have people flying in from the States, Australia, Holland, France and other parts of the world.

Myself and Fred Gleeck host this seminar every year. This is our third and WILL be the best so far.  We pride ourselves in providing nothing but content. If you want to learn, in detail, how to create your own information products, then this is the place you need to be on February 17/18/19.

There’s been a lot of hype over Google Adsense in 2005 and some people say it’s dead.  It is for junk sites. 

But we’ve assembled a posse of infopreneurs who can show you exactly how to succeed with Information products in general and Adsense in particular during 2006. We have the man who wrote the Definitive Guide to Google Adsense – William Charlwood.  He’ll explain in plain language just what Adsense is all about. And the many ways you will be able to monetize it.

Then we have Gary Vurnum who has made a fortune putting Adsense to work by creating content sites. Richard Beaty, will show you how to structure Portal sites.  And how when times get tough, his income from these sites goes UP.  Especially his Adsense income. 

Neil Stafford will tell you why you need to have your own Member site in 2006.  And detail just how simple it can be for you too. You’ve no doubt heard about testing and tracking, and why you should do it.  Charlie Lafave is going to show you how to do it and what simple, easy tools you will need.

Stephen Pierce will explain other ways you can get income from your sites.  By using Adsense, blogging, RSS.  To name only three. Nobody knows it better than Stephen!

Stephen Fasenfeld will prove to you just how easy it is to get top search engine rankings by linking.  Not many people know this like Stephen does.  He explains it all so plainly.

Ed Dale will reveal his new project and offer a challenge to everyone in attendance.  Just missing Ed’s presentation would be crazy. He really does know how to get his mentees off to a flying start.

No product would sell well without good copy. And all the way from down-under we have Trevor Crook – the most effervescent copywriter I have come across.  His copy sells.  And he will show you how yours can too.

And to put it all together – your host, Fred Gleeck.  Fred has 20+ years in the presentation business, so he knows a thing or two about product creation.  Fred is the most accomplished speaker I know.  You need to hang on to his every word. 

So there you are – 10 reasons why being at the Info Products seminar UK in February 17/18/19 2006 – will catapult you to higher sales in 2006 and beyond.

I’d register NOW if I were you.  No matter where you live, the event is just five minutes from Heathrow airport.


Kick Butt – create sizzling sales copy.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook 
If it’s good enough for me to fly 24 hours – it’s good enough for you to at least see why I am.

PPS. I have also exteneded my $97 teleseminar offer http://www.TrevorCrookLive.com/teleseminar.htm

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