” 3 Legged Pink Elephant Seen At The Golden Globes . . .”

By now you’ve pictured a 3 legged pink elephant. It wasn’t at the Goldne Globes - it was actually sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas, as the sun goes down in the Bahamas. 

You are no doubt curious about what this has to do with advertising and marketing!

You are probably thinking that I’ve lost my marbles and you would be wrong!

It has everything to do with how you advertise and market your business, because your mind works in pictures.

Go on, tell me you only imagined a normal 4 legged grey elephant - instead of a 3 legged pink elephant sitting their sipping pina coladas.

I know that you can’t . . . which is main point to this blog entry.

Unless you are flat lining without a pulse . . . you can’t change the fact that you instantly get a picture, 100% of the time.  No exceptions.

Let’s see shall we . . .

- Imagine a red rose
- Imagine a Angelina Jolie pregnant
- Imagine taking a milk bath
- Imagine you have just won $30 Million in the lottery
- Imagine flying first class to Paris, sipping french champagne and eating lobster
- Imagine Sasha Cohen reading the sports segment on the Naked News

I challenge you to tell me you imagined something completely different!

So, how do you apply this knowledge to your advertising and marketing to get your cash register overflowing so much that you have the luxury of wiping your . . . . forehead with $20 bills on a blistering hot summers day?

To put it simply . . . you need to be descriptive in your advertising & marketing. Everything that you do . . . which includes the way you describe yourself and your business, will benefit hugely from creating a vivid picture in your prospects and your customers mind.

Here Are Some Examples:

You are at a party, and someone asks you what you do for a living. Let’s say you are a New York taxi driver.

If you are like 99.99% of people, you would say -”I’m a taxi driver”. This is a ‘so what’, statement, one that is very boring, in fact it’s as exciting as watching wet paint dry.

Now . . . imagine for a second, what the response would be if YOU said – ‘I safely transported 100,000 people all over New York last year, driving in heavily congested traffic, getting my passengers safely to their destination in the shortest possible time . . . without an accident.’

Ask yourself this – ‘Which statement telegraphs exactly the benefits of what you do?’

More importantly, which taxi do you think you would jump into if you were given the choice?

What about all of those ‘beauty care products’. They don’t say to you . . . buy me because I’m a jar of gunk to put onto your face.


They sell all of the emotions of staying beautiful, looking younger etc. They are selling you on emotions, on things that you want to hear.

If they said – “Buy this jar of gunk to hide your wrinkles, crows feet & acne scars, so that you stop looking a dried up old prune” . . . they wouldn’t sell too many.

I could go on for hours with examples.

The point is that I want you to telegraph the benefits of what you do in everything that you do. You want your prospects & customers to say to themselves . . . ‘WOW! . . . how do you do that?’

To really put this into perspective . . . imagine you are a man (this works best from a man’s point of view) and you are going to take your loved one (wife/lover etc) away for the most romantic weekend of their life and you say or write this;

“. . . There will be rose petals on the bed when you open the door, chilled wine and the finest chocolates beside the bed, the room will be lit with candles, massages and facials booked, plus I’ve booked the most secluded seat at the best restaurant in town for our romantic candlelit dinner.”

Good now that you’ve pictured this . . . how romantic do you think the weekend would be?

As the ‘man’ in the story, you would be so confident of getting ‘dessert’ when he got back to the hotel room - you be willing to place bet’s on it.

Am I right?

How far do you think you’d go if you said this to your wife/lover.

“Go and pack your bag for a weekend you will never forget . . . inside a hotel, staring at the ceiling fan as it goes round and round - by the way do we need 24 or 48 condoms?”

Well . . . I think you’d have almost no chance.

The end result may be the same if you go, but the benefits & emotion are described vividly in the first story and clearly lacking in the second version.

My challenge to you is this . . . go and grab your business card, read it and ask yourself honestly if there are any compelling reasons to do business with you (ie. benefits) or is it just plain boring, listing your products and features, with your business name right at the top with a frilly, fancy, cutesy logo?

If it’s just plain boring . . . you and your marketing have a serious problem . . . that needs fixing now!

I also want you to think about how you answer people when they ask you – ‘What do you do?’

Now that you’ve thought about it . . . write it down on a piece of paper. Good, you can see how boring it is, can’t you?

Taking the examples above . . . I want you take your job/position title or the title of your business & start writing down a rip snorting, benefit driven statement that compels people to say . . .

‘WOW! How do you do that?’ or ‘Where do I get one of those today?’

You may think this is silly . . . but until your marketing improves to the point where you capture your prospects attention like a giant gaff hook rips into the side of a shark . . . you are leaving so much money on the table it’s not funny.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
Imagine you just doubled your bottom line profits by applying my kick butt advertising strategies. Feels good doesn’t it?
PPS. I created a yellow page advert for a customer recently who does household services and they told me they have been in business since 1995 and I said – ‘who cares?’.

After some questions (I sometimes feel like I am a vetenarian with my hand shoved fair up a cow, prodding and probing to extract what I need to create sizzling sales copy) . . . I asked them how many actual services they had carried out over that time. Ten minutes later, I got a call – they had carried out 884,000 services in the last 12 months alone with a 97% satisfaction rate and their customers kept coming back for more household cleaning etc. 

You tell me . . . if you were looking to get your home cleaned – do you give a stuff if they have been in business since 1995 or would you be more interested in knowing they had cleaned 884,000 homes with 97% of their customers being very happy?

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