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“Real Esate Agent Eats Humble Pie Over Advertising”

Here is Part One followed by Part two . . . They were emailed to my list.

Last weekend, a friend and I met with a real estate agent with a view to listing her unit for sale. The agent got the listing and was told we would approve all advertising, not letting on I am a copywriter. The agent said we could make changes, but she doesn’t give her client’s the end say in what the advert eventually says. 2 nights ago, the advert was emailed through and it was the usual boring crap which real estate agents do. It said nothing of interest, or do anything to grab a potential buyer by the throat and demand an inspection.

Enter the ‘Toe Cracker’.

I pretty much changed every word and did quite a few drafts, changing one word here and there, until I was happy with it.

I emailed it off, with the agent still oblivious as to what I do and knew she would phone my friend and give more excuses than a 3 year old who’s been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, as to why it wouldn’t work.

It didn’t take long the next morning for the agent to phone. She expressed her concerns about what I had written, making it clear my version wasn’t what they do and was emphatic my advert would fail.

After some discussion the agent reluctantly agreed to run it and then she said – ‘If it doesn’t pull any inquiries, they would change it to their style of advert.

My friend didn’t pull any punches and told the agent to let me do what I do best and for the agent to do her job and sell the unit for the maximum price.


Just 7 hours later, they had 11 people call and 5 people are booked in for an inspection today.

Hey . . . what would I know anyway compared to a f.i.g.j.a.m. real estate agent?

My copy is working, the interesting part will be if the agent can perform or whether she is full of more hot air than a hot air balloon.

I will be checking other adverts for the agent and if they have knocked off even one word which is copyright to me – they will have nightmares for years to come after I finish with them.

So what’s the point of this story.

Simple answer.

It’s the power of the written word. Persuasive words sell.
I took something, used the exact amount of space and turned it into a kick-ass piece of copy.

I want you to be able to do the same.

Remember my reprinted article about the university study which proves that you only have 1/20th of a second online, before people click off and go to someone else’s website.

Offline, you have 7 to 10 seconds. Be smart, if you haven’t done so already, get your hands on my 10 hour copywriting blueprint teleseminar for just $97, including the CD’s when it’s over.

It was a 72 hour deal and there are only 48 hours left.

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Judging by the response to my earlier email from my customers, I though I had better let you see the before and after adverts plus give you an update.

Firstly, my advert had 184 viewings in less than 24 hours, 11 emails, 5 inspections booked and . . . in the time it took me to email you earlier, my friend’s unit sold for her asking price. Also, another agent had it for 6 months in early 2005 with an even crappier advert and they didn’t even get one single offer.

To her agents credit, she wasn’t full of hot air and did her job (I can swallow my words) which means several things – people should stick to things they are actually capable of and leave the other stuff to the professionals within that field.

Would you get a butcher to perform brain surgery or Bill Clinton to address a dry cleaning convention on how to remove sticky stains from a dress?

NO – I didn’t think so.

When you try and be a ‘jack of all trades’ and a ‘master of none’ – you will get bitten on your butt. You should never put your fantasies ahead of your capabilities.


Remember, I only had a limited space, no more than the agent had. I just made superior use of it.

The Agents:

Headline: Larger than Life

Body Copy:

Space is what this 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit is all about. With two large built in bedrooms and a study/sunroom. Plus a huge dining area there is definitely room to move. This air-conditioned unit in ‘Blah Blah’ is ready for you to move in. Body Corporate’s are low. The unit is situated in a very handy location, just a short stroll to ‘Blah Blah’
village and ‘Blah Blah’ train station. At only $000,000 you had better be quick!

Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crooks:

Headline: “Big Enough To Swing An Elephant”

Who else wants a HUGE 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, air-conditioned unit that makes most other units feel like a dolls house? If you have ever wanted two large bedrooms with massive built-ins, a study/sunroom, a big dining area and a MASSIVE kitchen with more cupboard space than you could ever imagine . . . then look no further.

This 1st floor BLAH BLAH unit is ready for you to move in, located in a QUIET and handy position. Walk to Centro.
Low Body Corp. At $000,000 . . . be quick!

It was the headline which hooked them. Firstly, most 2 bedroom units are very small and a common phrase used for a small bedroom or place is – “you couldn’t even swing a cat in here”. This place, being huge, I used “Big Enough to swing an Elephant” as this conjures up a vivid picture in your mind as opposed to the limp – ‘Larger Than Life’ headline used by the agent.

Notice I painted the picture  . . . doing an apples to oranges comparision between her unit and all others being the size of a dolls house. The job of this advert, like any advert was to hook a prospect, this time a potential buyer into wanting an inspection.

There’s another valid point which you should take note of which is . . . the job of my advert. It was a lead generator to get an inspection booked in. YOU have to know exactly what it is you want your advertising to do. I know, you will say it’s to get a sale.

Wrong answer!!

Ultimately this is what you want. Unless you know the correct steps which lead to your sale, you are leaving too much
money on the table. This advert, was online and competing with all other units for sale in the area which means it had to stand out.

I also looked at all of the other adverts headlines. They were typical lame B.S. which proved yet again advertising
suicide is killing at least 98.7% of people in business.

YOU need to get one think planted firmly between your ears;Your advertising, in any marketing medium, either online or offline and I don’t give a stuff where you do it, what country you live in or market in, what language you speak or anything else for that matter – it will cost you the same whether you pull zero, one, 100 or 1,000 sales.

I want you to read the above statement again then write it out by hand and put in up in your office. That way you
will absorb the message.

NOTE: The words I used in the advert are copyright to me persoanlly and you are not authorized to plagurize my work. Anyone caught doing so will face legal action.

Kick butt – create sizzling sales copy.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
Tune in for tomorrows story of how I increased a customers conversion by 533% within 24 hours.

“Quote And Grow Rich – Inspiration Quotes From The Masters Of Success – Part One”

Here are some of Christopher Guerriero’s quotes that he sent to me:

“Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secert power working 24 hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.” - Tom Blandi

“I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment and life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. As simple as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret.” - Anthony Robbins

“It’s the little things that you do that can make a big difference. What are you attempting to accomplish? What little thing can you do today that will make you more effective? You are probably only one step away from greatness.” - Bob Proctor

” It has been my experience that people who successfully fit a healthful-living program into their lives rank being fit right up there with oxygen.” - Christopher V. Guerriero

“Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great people make you feel that you, too can become great.” - Mark Twain

“The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we’ve already achieved them.” – Denis Waitley

“The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we’ve already achieved them.” “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

“When working on getting yourself to excercise or diet regularly, remember failure to is not an option! Failure is not an option when a parent is teaching a child to walk. Let’s make a commitment to each other: Failure is not an option when we’re striving to reach our health and fitness goals from this point on.” - Christopher Guerriero

“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” - Anthony Robbins

“The one without dreams is the one without wings.” - Muhammed Ali

“The state of your life is nothing more than a refelction of your state of mind.” - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

” The power of the mind is infinite, while brawn is limited.” - Koichi Tohei

“You become what you think about.” – Earl Nightingale

” There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it.” - Napoleon Hill

Crikey that’s some list of quotes to get rich on from Christopher . . . and that’s not even half of them. Keep checking back to my blog for ‘part 2′.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
‘Your mind works in pictures . . . start imagining what you desire in love, life, health and wealth right now while it’s fresh in your mind. Store those pictures as a mental movie in your mind, grab your favorite place and replay that movie everyday to yourself and remember, you are the lead in your own movie – make it a hollywood blockbuster!” - Trevor Crook

“Quote And Grow Rich – How To Use Quotes To Change YOUR Life”

Attached is a list of inspirational quotes that my friend and associate, Christoper Guerriero, author of Maximize Your Metabolism’ fame is contributing to my ‘Quote And Grow Rich’ book (co-authored with Dr. Stan Harris).

Firstly . . . here’s an article from Christopher’s book about how to use quotes to change your life:

“Select ten motivational quotes and display them throughout your home. This way your entire living area will be an automatic motivator for you each day. When you find quotes that truly inspire you, get them framed and get them
hung up. You might find it fun to write them yourself in calligraphy.

Or maybe you’ll print them out on your computer, in really big text-one big quote on an 8 1/2 x11 piece of paper. Then slide that into a really beautiful frame. You can put the most powerful quotes in the rooms where you spend the majority of your time. Your most motivating quote might end up near your bathroom mirror so that you see it before you start each and everyday. 

Just in case you don’t have enough time to look for the right quotes, I’ve included a number of my favorite quotes throughout (see other blog post “Quote And Grow Rich  – Inspirational Quotes From the masters of Success”) for you to start with. Nevertheless, keep your eyes open all the time for great sayings that speak directly to you.”

Toe Cracker here again. That’s some brilliant advice from Christopher. Make sure you read the other quotes he mentioned.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
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“It Takes Just 50 Milliseconds For Visitors To Your Website – To Decide If They Will Stay Or Banish You To That Dung Heap In Cyberspace, Visit Your Competitors Website And Buy From Them Instead Of YOU!”

I was scanning through my local paper last Saturday and the following headline jumped out at me. I have reproduced the entire newpaper article below;

“Net Success Comes In A Blink”

First impressions count, especially when you’ve only got 50 milliseconds. A Canadian researcher has found that Internet users take only a 20th of a second to decide if they like the look of a website. Dr. Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University in Ottawa flashed websites for 50 milliseconds to particpants and asked then to rate them from best to worst.

First impressions count, especially when you’ve only got 50 milliseconds. A Canadian researcher has found that . Dr. Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University in Ottawa flashed websites for 50 milliseconds to particpants and asked then to rate them from best to worst.After repeating the exercise a number of times, participants were allowed to examine the websites properly and rate them again. In both instances their findings were consistent. “My colleagues believed it would be impossible to really see anything in less than 500 milliseconds”, Ms Lindgaard said.

She said the findings would cause online businesses to give more thought to how important it was their websites were constructed properly.  - Patrick Watson, Courier Mail, Brisbane Australia.

Well my online entrepreneurial friend, if that doesn’t confirm what I have saying in my previous blog entries – nothing will.

I am offering 42 people, the chance to join my copywriting blueprint 10 x 1 hour teleseminars and then get the entire recordings shipped to them on CD – for just $97. If you are interested click the link below:


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook

” 3 Legged Pink Elephant Seen At The Golden Globes . . .”

By now you’ve pictured a 3 legged pink elephant. It wasn’t at the Goldne Globes - it was actually sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas, as the sun goes down in the Bahamas. 

You are no doubt curious about what this has to do with advertising and marketing!

You are probably thinking that I’ve lost my marbles and you would be wrong!

It has everything to do with how you advertise and market your business, because your mind works in pictures.

Go on, tell me you only imagined a normal 4 legged grey elephant - instead of a 3 legged pink elephant sitting their sipping pina coladas.

I know that you can’t . . . which is main point to this blog entry.

Unless you are flat lining without a pulse . . . you can’t change the fact that you instantly get a picture, 100% of the time.  No exceptions.

Let’s see shall we . . .

- Imagine a red rose
- Imagine a Angelina Jolie pregnant
- Imagine taking a milk bath
- Imagine you have just won $30 Million in the lottery
- Imagine flying first class to Paris, sipping french champagne and eating lobster
- Imagine Sasha Cohen reading the sports segment on the Naked News

I challenge you to tell me you imagined something completely different!

So, how do you apply this knowledge to your advertising and marketing to get your cash register overflowing so much that you have the luxury of wiping your . . . . forehead with $20 bills on a blistering hot summers day?

To put it simply . . . you need to be descriptive in your advertising & marketing. Everything that you do . . . which includes the way you describe yourself and your business, will benefit hugely from creating a vivid picture in your prospects and your customers mind.

Here Are Some Examples:

You are at a party, and someone asks you what you do for a living. Let’s say you are a New York taxi driver.

If you are like 99.99% of people, you would say -”I’m a taxi driver”. This is a ‘so what’, statement, one that is very boring, in fact it’s as exciting as watching wet paint dry.

Now . . . imagine for a second, what the response would be if YOU said – ‘I safely transported 100,000 people all over New York last year, driving in heavily congested traffic, getting my passengers safely to their destination in the shortest possible time . . . without an accident.’

Ask yourself this – ‘Which statement telegraphs exactly the benefits of what you do?’

More importantly, which taxi do you think you would jump into if you were given the choice?

What about all of those ‘beauty care products’. They don’t say to you . . . buy me because I’m a jar of gunk to put onto your face.


They sell all of the emotions of staying beautiful, looking younger etc. They are selling you on emotions, on things that you want to hear.

If they said – “Buy this jar of gunk to hide your wrinkles, crows feet & acne scars, so that you stop looking a dried up old prune” . . . they wouldn’t sell too many.

I could go on for hours with examples.

The point is that I want you to telegraph the benefits of what you do in everything that you do. You want your prospects & customers to say to themselves . . . ‘WOW! . . . how do you do that?’

To really put this into perspective . . . imagine you are a man (this works best from a man’s point of view) and you are going to take your loved one (wife/lover etc) away for the most romantic weekend of their life and you say or write this;

“. . . There will be rose petals on the bed when you open the door, chilled wine and the finest chocolates beside the bed, the room will be lit with candles, massages and facials booked, plus I’ve booked the most secluded seat at the best restaurant in town for our romantic candlelit dinner.”

Good now that you’ve pictured this . . . how romantic do you think the weekend would be?

As the ‘man’ in the story, you would be so confident of getting ‘dessert’ when he got back to the hotel room - you be willing to place bet’s on it.

Am I right?

How far do you think you’d go if you said this to your wife/lover.

“Go and pack your bag for a weekend you will never forget . . . inside a hotel, staring at the ceiling fan as it goes round and round - by the way do we need 24 or 48 condoms?”

Well . . . I think you’d have almost no chance.

The end result may be the same if you go, but the benefits & emotion are described vividly in the first story and clearly lacking in the second version.

My challenge to you is this . . . go and grab your business card, read it and ask yourself honestly if there are any compelling reasons to do business with you (ie. benefits) or is it just plain boring, listing your products and features, with your business name right at the top with a frilly, fancy, cutesy logo?

If it’s just plain boring . . . you and your marketing have a serious problem . . . that needs fixing now!

I also want you to think about how you answer people when they ask you – ‘What do you do?’

Now that you’ve thought about it . . . write it down on a piece of paper. Good, you can see how boring it is, can’t you?

Taking the examples above . . . I want you take your job/position title or the title of your business & start writing down a rip snorting, benefit driven statement that compels people to say . . .

‘WOW! How do you do that?’ or ‘Where do I get one of those today?’

You may think this is silly . . . but until your marketing improves to the point where you capture your prospects attention like a giant gaff hook rips into the side of a shark . . . you are leaving so much money on the table it’s not funny.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
Imagine you just doubled your bottom line profits by applying my kick butt advertising strategies. Feels good doesn’t it?
PPS. I created a yellow page advert for a customer recently who does household services and they told me they have been in business since 1995 and I said – ‘who cares?’.

After some questions (I sometimes feel like I am a vetenarian with my hand shoved fair up a cow, prodding and probing to extract what I need to create sizzling sales copy) . . . I asked them how many actual services they had carried out over that time. Ten minutes later, I got a call – they had carried out 884,000 services in the last 12 months alone with a 97% satisfaction rate and their customers kept coming back for more household cleaning etc. 

You tell me . . . if you were looking to get your home cleaned – do you give a stuff if they have been in business since 1995 or would you be more interested in knowing they had cleaned 884,000 homes with 97% of their customers being very happy?

’3 Year Old Negotiates Better Than Donald Trump . . .”

My three year old son Oliver, I swear, has been “here” before in another life – because he is 3 going on 30! In fact his negotiation skills would will rival the one and only Donald Trump!

In fact I think he would go close to winning Trump’s Apprentice show easily!

A big statement I know . . . but he would hold his own amongst the pretenders (oops . . . I mean contenders on Trumps show)!

You may be wondering what Oliver has to do with marketing & negotiation . . . and that’s a fair question.

What I can tell you is this . . . if more business owners acted like a 3 year old when it comes to applying marketing & negotiation skills in their own business – they would have a more profitable business with exceptional cash flow to boot!


Very simply, most 3 years olds ask a bucket load of questions and they continue to ask . . . until they get the answer they want.

To them . . . NO is negotiable. . . and they are always asking why, Why, Why? until they annoy the crap out of you so much – that you either give in or they get the answer they were looking for . . . or they get that toy that they just have to have today. Don’t forget they can scam “Granny” too for just about anything and they know it.

They don’t stop!

Now . . . I’m sure you can relate to this, even if you do not have children.

What I want you to understand is this. Children in general, tell you exactly what they want. YES . . . What’s In It For Me.(W.I.I.F.M.)

They do it every time. They tune into their favorite radio station and NEVER tune out.

They don’t pussy foot around, in fact they’ll even push you to the point where they risk getting such a sore butt – that even if they sat their bum on an iceberg for a week, they wouldn’t get any relief!

I want you to think of your own situation, one where you asked a question, got an answer and you were not satisfied with with that answer.

Did you just accept it or did you ask again and again until you got the answer you were looking for? Let’s relate this scenario to a selling situation.

You have a hot prospect, who’s been through your entire “selling process”.

I don’t give two hoots if it’s a mail order prospect, face to face, business to business, business to consumer, a retail business, on the telephone . . . or the internet.

When it comes time for the sale . . . they say no, giving you some pathetic excuse for not buying.

What do you do?

Do you just accept their answer?

I can tell you that most business owners do just accept these lame answers . . . prefering to act like some scared kitten who’s been cornered by a hungry pit bull . . . one that hasn’t eaten for a few days.

The end result is that you’ve just missed out on a golden opportunity (unlike the pit bull who’s licking his chops) and a chance to put cash in the bank, get a new customer, look after that customer, get repeat business and get referrals.

How much has that “NO” cost you?

Now . . . what if you bothered asking “why, why, why? like a pain in the bum 3 year old . . . until you found out their ONE & ONLY reason for not buying.

No! I’m not saying be a pushy salesperson. There are too many ‘knobbers’ out there doing that and you don’t need to be one!

Being pushy might get you a few sales initially . . . but it won’t get you too far in the long run.

Do you think, that if you were able to find out the ONE & ONLY reason why your prospects say “NO” . . . that you would be able to turn those “NO” answers into sales?

I’ll give you the answer . . . YES you will get more sales!

Here’s Why . . .

Being able to get to your prospects ONE & ONLY objection,their one & only reason for not giving you any $$$$ . . . PUTS you in a very powerful position.

YOU now know what you are playing with. YOU can then make an offer that not only overcomes your prospects ONE & ONLY Fear(their objection) . . . but you also get a happy customer who has eagerly parted with their hard earned cash.

Think about how many genuine prospects say “NO” in your business. I’m not talking about tire-kickers. We all get those type of people. Let’s say that for every 10 genuine “NO” prospects . . . you found out their ONE & ONLY reason for not buying.

How many do think you could convert to happy customers?

What if could convert 2 or 3? What would that do to your business? Some business owners would double or triple their Gross Sales & their actual bottom line profits would go bananas!

Now I don’t know your figures so you’ll have to do the math yourself . . . but I’ll bet that you would be pretty excited about turning more prospects into paying customers.

The important point to remember is this.

When you turn no prospects into customers . . . your sales increase but your fixed overheads (your Operating Expenses) rarely increase because you already had to pay them anyway.

Which means any actual profit from these sales goes straight to your bottom line profits.

You may recall me telling you recently about how I turned a “NO” into “YES”. After finding out my prospects ONE & ONLY Objection . . . I said something like this -

“So what you’re telling me Mr. Prospect is that if I satisfy your (his reason) and put your mind at ease . . . that you will proceed?”

To that he replied . . . “YES!”

The result was a happy customer who was worth $4,000 to me for the first sale. There is potential to now do a website & other work . . . another $5,000 to $7,000.

The best part is . . . this is the result from converting just one ‘no’ to a ‘yes’.

. . . Imagine if I’d just accepted the “NO” decision.

I’ve been fine tuning this area of my business and studying some truly fantastic information . . . and it’s something you should look at too as it’s rates as one of the best investments I have made for a paltry $47.

To find out more click here;

You may have already been to this website and looked at it. Looking at it though is about as usless as hair gel to a bald man – you won’t get you the skills that you need to close more sales. Go and look at what it is and study every single word. You will regret if you don’t.

I don’t recommend things for the sake of it. I do it to help your business, however, the question remains . . . “Do you want to help yourself?”

If you do . . . then go to: now!

I’ve got to go and play “Thomas The Tank” trains with Oliver now . . . so until next time!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. Procrastination = Poverty!
PPS. Marketing & Innovation = Profits!
PPPS. Oliver is now 5 and nothings changed in business or the way children use powerful negotiation skills.

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